• I’m so Proud of You.

    One of my reasons for the trip to New York this time, from May 20th to 28th, was to attend her graduation ceremony at New Paltz. It was a perfect sunny day, and everybody had blessed smiles. I thank for my company because they allowed me to have the long days off again (It’s called […]

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  • A Very Short Note.

    When our relationship is getting more and more serious, I often ask myself, if he is the right person I want to spend my whole life with. We’ve been traveling a lot. This winter I caught a flu in Kyoto, Japan, on the day of arrival. Shin had to take care of me the whole time […]

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  • Surprise White-Day

    It’s been a while since we updated Lens and Space last time! Sorry for our laziness, but our love became stronger and stronger contrary to the less updates. This year, Amber gave me this letter book for the Valentine’s day with full of ideas and talents. It’s a look back of our adventures of 2016. […]

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  • When I miss you

    It’s not a lie that I cried in Haneda airport. I don’t know I really missed you. This time you stayed in Japan for 7 days. It was technically only 5 days. Too short! I just came back home sitting in front of my computer. It’s cold and dark but my heart without you is […]

  • San Diego, CA

    Shin and I added San Diego as one of our destinations because we wanted to go to there to see Noel Gallagher’s concert. We didn’t expect too much of San Diego, but it turned out to be one of our favorite cities! We went there right after we finished our final exams in school. And therefore we didn’t even […]